F-16 TCG Worldwide Review: S3 AeroDefense Report 2021

The Annual Worldwide Review (WWR) was hosted last week by the TCG to gather member countries in one location to discuss common configuration, maintenance, and logistics issues and meet with qualified vendors, USG Engineers, equipment specialists, and program managers for possible solutions.

“The TCG is a great way to meet with our clients, understand what issues they currently face, and work with them to find a solution – ultimately increasing mission readiness,” said Austin Viles, S3 AeroDefense, Program Manager – Sales. “It was good to be back in person after a year hiatus seeing both familiar and new faces.”

This past spring 2021, the U.S. Airforce announced opening a new production line to build F-16’s to support the growing global demand.  With this growth of Foreign Military Sales (FMS), the F-16 global community is growing, adding Slovakia, Bulgaria, and others in the next several years.

As more countries adopt the F-16 Platform, smaller fleets are becoming more prevalent globally.  With a smaller fleet size, direct access to OEM’s isn’t always an option for operators, who have a difficult time getting the parts and commitment they need.  The shift towards securing strong partnerships with reputable and approved suppliers is now key in the F16 community.  navigating the supply chain is becoming more and more complex, as  OEM’s continue to increase focus on newer platforms and product lines  Companies, such as S3 AeroDefense, now play a pivotal role in not just supplying parts ad hoc, but working with operators on sustainment plans that leverage their market strength and agility with the needs of the operators.

Not only does the F-16 WWR allow operators direct access to partners, but it also is an opportunity to review and announce new technology. This year, we saw excellent briefings and technology announcements from companies like Eaton, Collins, and Lockheed Martin.

Operators more and more are looking for partners and solutions that help meet their long-term goals for their fleets.  S3 spent this week discussing ways we can support our clients and operators on their needs.

“We had meetings with USAF Navy and numerous F16 international operators with the focus on affordability and long-term sustainment objectives, including potentially eliminating toxic hydrazine,” recaps Brent Barker, Consultant with S3 AeroDefense. “Events like the F-16 TCG are really key for operators around the world, and we are proud to be a part of it.”

S3 AeroDefense will be exhibiting next month at C-130 TCG. To schedule some time with the team to discuss optimizing your fleet performance and readiness, please click here.