Honeywell -10 Air Turbine Starter Approved by U.S. Army

Congratulations to the U.S. Army and Honeywell on the Airworthiness approval of Honeywell’s newest, high-reliability air turbine starter. U.S. Forces have officially approved the -10 ATS and have added it to the service requirements to upgrade their H-60 Fleets. The -10 starter is utilized for the General Electric T700-GE-700, T700-GE-701, T700-GE-401, and YT706-GE-700 Family of Engines.

The US Army has formally published “Aviation Maintenance Action Message (AMAM), Maintenance Mandatory, Improved Honeywell Starter 3505300-10, H-60-21-AMAM-10” for all H-60A/L/M/V and MH-60M models. This Technical Manual (TM) update supports the installation of the improved Honeywell starter.

This AMAM updates the following publications:

TM 1-1520-237-23&P

TM 1-1520-246-23&P

TM 1-1520-280-23&P

TM 1-1520-MH-60M-23&P

The latest air turbine starter (PN 3505300-10 / NSN 2995-01-676-7405) for all UH-60 and H-1 derivatives increases reliability by five times over the previous model, increasing MTBF to 4,000 hours and increased performance with 14% more light-off torque and lower lifecycle costs. The -10 will significantly reduce the maintenance requirements for UH-60 operators. With the new quick drain oil valve, maintenance crews are no longer required to remove the starter from the aircraft to drain the oil, saving your fleet time and increasing efficiency. Enhancements also include a fill-to-spill oil neck, creating a consistent oil level to reduce the risk of overfilling.

S3 AeroDefense is honored to be the exclusive distributor of the -10 starter, as well as modification kits for your existing starters to upgrade them to the -10 model.

Read the Honeywell Announcement of their Partnership with S3

“We partnered with Honeywell early in the development of this fantastic upgrade and are excited to enable UH-60 operators throughout the world to save money and time,” says  Yancy Everhart,  S3 AeroDefense Director of Business Development.  “What’s great about this starter is that it is a completely drop-in replacement – no modifications required for operators to begin seeing improvements in performance and reliability.”

Honeywell and S3, recommend operators begin their transition to the -10 ATS upgrade to reduce potential impacts to future flight operations and aircraft availability. This week the U.S. Army purchased over 250 kits to transition their existing starters to the -10 model.   As the U.S. Military and others upgrade their fleets, support for the current air turbine starter models (-6 and -9) will quickly diminish, which will result in higher prices, increased lead times, and reduced supportability.

As a part of their exclusive distribution and support capabilities, S3 can offer a 30-day turnaround for any operators looking to send in their -6 or -9 starters for modification to the -10 model, and has -10 starters on hand, ready to ship.

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