Let's Talk About the New S3

Those of us in Aerospace are acutely aware of the ambition and drive we bring to all our respective roles, whether engineer, technician, compliance officer, pilot, mission specialist, or manufacturer, we as an industry possess something unique.   It is important for us to bring this to the forefront as an organization because we know that passion drives success. That’s why we look a little bit different, and why we are no longer S3 International, but S3 AeroDefense.

Our passion is our spirit. We are humble, honest, and transparent, yet also aggressive and empowering.  We are not afraid to take risks.  At S3, we don’t procrastinate, we just do it. Our job is to overcome barriers. We believe everything is doable and we get it done. That’s our spirit, that’s our passion.

We live by a simple philosophy: take care of the customer.  When we take care of our customers, good things happen. As a privately-owned company, S3 has the customer focus and the flexibility to offer unlimited solutions with personal attention.

“Our philosophy and spirit are intertwined. Together they are the bedrock on which we continuously build our company,” said Aksel Sidem, President of S3AeroDefense. “We are dynamic, we are bold and the new brand reflects that. You can hear it in the way we speak, and see it in our positive and dedicated people.”

As competitors continue to merge into large inflexible companies, S3 AeroDefense stands out with its agility as a privately owned company, and with its spirit and philosophy that is propelling it toward realizing its vision of rapid growth.  The rebranding brings this vision to fruition, it evokes the spirit and philosophy of our brand for our audience and to the world.

As S3 continues to grow, we promise our partners that we will retain our passionate spirit and philosophy.  Our passion and commitment for a more personal relationship with customers — where we spend time with them, listen to them, and care about their success — allows entrepreneurial-minded S3 to fill the void created as corporate-minded competitors merge.

We invite you to join us as we move forward with our new brand and a new identity.  Be a part of our spirit and philosophy.  Be our partner and let us be your one-stop shop for all your solutions.

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