S3 AeroDefenseSigns Exclusive Agreement with Honeywellfor Defense & Space-Grimes Lighting Products

February 15th, 2022 | Milwaukee, WI

Exclusive Distribution Agreement
S3 AeroDefense has been selected by Honeywell Aerospace to serve as its exclusive distributor for all fixed wing and rotary Military Lighting Products, further expanding the longstanding partnership between the two companies.

S3 AeroDefense is a worldwide leader in providing innovative OEM aftermarket solutions to military operators for over 15 years.

This seven-year exclusive distribution agreement with Honeywell allows S3 AeroDefense to enhance its customer support with high-performance, high quality, military grade lighting equipment that is safe, reliable, and lightweight. S3 is responsible for supporting customers worldwide, apart from Japan, according to the agreement.

Honeywell Aerospace has been a leader in aircraft lighting systems for both commercial and military customers since 1933. Honeywell Aerospace and its legacy company, Grimes Aerospace, has the broadest portfolio and installed base of aircraft lighting products in the industry. This new partnership ensures worldwide fleet support with the world’s best lighting products.

“We’re delighted to further our longstanding relationship with Honeywell and are honored to support one of the most important pioneers in the aerospace industry, Grimes Lighting Products.” – Yancy Everhart, Director of Strategic Alliances

For more information regarding Honeywell Lighting Products, click here https://s3aerodefense.com

About S3 AeroDefense

Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, S3 AeroDefense is a recognized worldwide leader in providing aircraft spares, component repair services and supply chain solutions to Military Aircraft Operators. Since its inception in 2005, S3 AeroDefense has been focused on quality, innovation and dedication to exceptional customer support. With a focus on OEM strategic distribution, S3 AeroDefense is the trusted solution provider to customers and OEMs.