Securing Our Future: S3 AeroDefense Is Now A Registered Trademark

S3 AeroDefense proudly announces the receipt of our registration certificate from the United States Patent and Trademark Office, confirming the official trademark status of our current logo and name nationwide, as well as any number of other S3-formative names and marks. This milestone solidifies legal protection for the S3 brand from imitators, marking a pivotal moment in our company’s evolution.

For two decades, S3 AeroDefense has delivered award-winning distribution, repair, and logistics management services to military operators worldwide. Founded in 2005 as S3 International, our company underwent a rebranding to S3 AeroDefense in 2020. Registering our trademark reflects our commitment to protecting our customers from imposters and maintaining our unique identity within the market.

“The S3 name and logo are key our brand,” said Sebastien Imbert, S3’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “We therefore know both are worth protecting. Not only does this change reinforce S3’s integrity, but it also ensures that our customers can continue to trust in the same quality and reliability from S3 to which they have become accustomed since 2005.”

With the official registration of our trademark, S3 AeroDefense embarks on a new chapter of growth. S3 advises its customers and partners to recognize the new service mark registration to ensure they are interacting with the legitimate entity.