S3 AeroDefense Attends MRO Americas Aviation Week 2021

This week the team at S3 AeroDefense helped strengthen and support the return back to live events at Aviation Week’s MRO Americas in Orlando, FL. Following a successful trip back in March for IDEX in the UAE, S3 has been at the forefront of trying to bring the industry safety back to a sense of normalcy.

“Our customers and clients want to meet with us, it’s been a long year for everyone and their business has not stopped, so although we have all done the best we could, we now have a lot of change to deal with to adjust to the post-pandemic landscape of the aerospace industry,” said Paul McBride, S3 Vice President of Business Development.

MRO Americas continues to be a pillar in the aviation maintenance market for connecting, learning, and growing relationships. At S3, with innovation and cutting-edge solutions at the forefront of everything we do the chance to be on the ground with the latest trends, new ideas, and connecting directly with our customers to understand their unique needs, keeps us pushing to be the best in the industry.

Our Team spent the week connecting with the various customers from US Government contracts to International Governments and Operators, OEM’s and the rest of the MRO Community. With many, many successful meetings. We were able to continue to build strong relationships with our partners and discuss new needs and solutions for our clients. We even learned about new market needs and challenges in the changing market.

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This week brought to the forefront many industry trends, and we have put together a list of the biggest pain points out there for those searching for repairs and solutions.

Building More Flexible Processes – 2020 certainly brought to light inefficiencies across all industries. Customers want to ensure that they are working with a partner that has the ability to mitigate risks caused by the unexpected or the unknown.

Workforce Challenges – Across the globe, we have seen fluctuations in workforce capabilities, and abilities due to quarantine requirements and other changes. But fleets need to be able to stay ready to be dispatched at any moment, so understanding how the changes in the global workforce affect each part of maintaining aircraft readiness was a key topic.

Navigating Consolidation In The Industry – As we look beyond the frontline, there were also larger-scale industry changes, with some mergers occurring as companies scrambled to find ways to serve clients in the wake of the pandemic. Customers want to know how this impacts them and what this means for their level of service expectations.

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Cost Saving & Efficient Solutions Without Sacrificing Quality and Service – This was a key concern that we heard over and over in Orlando. Everyone needs to seemingly do more with less, but especially in the AeroDefense industry, we know you cannot sacrifice the quality of your aircraft. You need to be able to count on your fleet when you need it the most.

Supply Chain Readiness & Addressing Inventory Shifts – Inventory and availability continue to be a huge priority for clients. The ability to reduce the complexity and improve visibility to inventory, upgrades, and repair status is something that the industry is calling for.

We know these are just some of the concerns at the forefront of your mind, and as your partner for all your solutions, at S3 we are here to help. Thank you to everyone that we connected with in Orlando.